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Does the ZSE offer Data services?
Yes. Apply if you are interested.

Does the market capitalisation for dual listed companies include the shares on the global registers?
The market capitalization of dual listed companies include shares that are in the local register only

The ZSE’s market capitalisation calculations differ to mine? Why is this so?
The ZSE market capitalization can differ for the following reasons:

  • The ZSE uses the latest prices of securities. In the absence of a recent traded price, either the last traded price or an improved or deteriorated market indication is taken instead. So, if a security has not traded a bid higher or an offer lower, than the last traded price is taken otherwise the last traded price will be used. It is possible that other market participants do not use an improved or deteriorated market condition but stick to the last traded price always.
  • The ZSE updates shares in issue as and when they occur, so calculations may differ because of this.
  • For dually listed counters, the ZSE uses the number of shares on the local register whilst other participants could use the global number of shares.
  • The ZSE uses the number of shares that are freely exchangeable, while other market participants could use other classes of shares which are not freely tradable despite ranking pari-passu with the freely tradable shares.

How do get daily prices & corporate actions?
Subscribe to receive daily prices and corporate actions data.

From what date is the YTD % shown in the price sheet calculated?
The YTD% is calculated from 31 December of the previous year.

Why is the market capitalisation for Old Mutual so low?
Only the shares that are resident on the Zimbabwe Old Mutual register are shown so the international value is a lot higher.

How do I access the daily price sheet?
The daily price sheet can be accessed daily and you can print it in PDF or download it. Alternatively you can register for the Daily Price Sheet Alert.

When is ZSE Data released everyday?
Price data is released as soon as it is available which may be between 12 noon and 4pm in the afternoon and corporate actions are released any time from 4pm onwards. The hardcopy announcements of these releases appear in the traditional media in the following day.

Where is the financial data in each company page from and when is it updated?
The data is sourced from annual reports and updated prior to publication of the annual report through on the ZSE Data Portal.

Is the financial data from interim results published on the ZSE Data Portal?
Not currently. Only the annual results are published from the annual report or the abridged final results, the latter used if the information provided is complete. Efforts are underway to improve the level of disclosure in the interim and abridged results published.

What information is shown on the ZSE RSS feed?
All corporate action summary texts with links to the PDF of the underlying document. Sign up.

How can I get historical ZSE Price Sheets or other data not on the ZSE website?
Reports may be available for a small fee. For historical data requests please call +263 886 830-5 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Where does the ZSE source its financial figures from?
The abridged final or interim results and / or the annual report.

When are the figures uploaded on the ZSE Data Portal
The figures are loaded prior to the publication of the relevant report on the ZSE Data Portal but there may be exceptions. The ZSE accepts no responsibility where publication online in time may not be possible.

If the figures of the previous year are restated in the financial tables is the restated figure used or the historical figure?
The restated figure is used for the immediately preceding year. For the year before the immediately preceding year the figures from the annual report of that year is used.

If previously published figures are restated do you highlight this on the ZSE Data Portal?
Not currently.

Does your earnings per share figure include discontinued operations’ earnings?

Is your earnings per share shown as the fully diluted earnings per share or the basic earnings per share?
ZSE Data Portal use fully diluted earnings per share in its website. We do this because it’s considered a more conservative measure of a company’s profit than basic EPS.

Sometimes the figures in the press when the abridged final results are released have typing errors. Do you re-check the figures from the press release to the annual report when the annual report is released?

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