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How often is the Zimbabwe Old Mutual share register updated?

The local register for Old Mutual shares is updated as and when changes occur.

Can I attend analyst presentations and investor events?

As a policy the ZSE Data Portal does not advertise or disseminate the date of any investor events or analyst presentations of its listed companies. Typically these events are attended by company-invited analysts and not open to the general public and their event details are not communicated to the ZSE.  Announcements to which these events relate are published in the traditional press and ZSE Data Portal immediately prior to or following the event in accordance with the ZSE’s listing requirements.

Can I book an appointment with listed company executives?

As a policy the ZSE Data Portal is unable to assist investors wishing to seek audiences with the managements of ZSE listed companies. If you wish to request an audience with management you are advised to visit the investor relations website of the relevant company or contact the persons listed in the ZSE Data Portal company data pages.

Do you include “Assets classified as held-for-sale” in the calculation of the total current assets in your financial valuations?

Yes. This is because according to the IFRS 5 provision, when an asset is classified as ‘held-for-sale’, then its “sale is expected to be completed within 12 months of classification as ‘held for sale”. The expectation, therefore, is that the sale of the non-current asset will result in a current asset within 12 months from the reporting date.

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Feb 05, 2019 | Statement by the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

05 February 2019

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Limited (“ZSE”) hereby notifies the investing public of the voluntary suspension...

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