General trading & market information

What instruments or products are traded on the ZSE?

Common stock, preferred stock and convertible debt instruments are currently traded on the ZSE.

Is short selling permitted?

Short selling is permitted but prior authority is sought from the ZSE.

What is the settlement cycle?

The settlement cycle is T+3.

What are the market /exchange trading hours?

The ZSE trading hours are as follows:

Market State Time (Local time)
Pre-Opening Session 09h00 to 10h00
Continuous Session 10h00 to 12h30
Market Closes 12h30
Are margin trading and securities lending practised on the ZSE?

Margin trading and securities lending are not practised.

Can I get shareholder materials electronically and not by the post?

The ZSE’s data processing and dissemination systems are in a state of transition from a largely manual based process to one that will be electronic.

Through the ZSE Data Portal we expect grow a responsible and secure platform through which a purely electronic means of delivering and disseminating of corporate announcements and shareholder proxy voting material can be made. Legislation will need to be changed to permit this in future, but inculcating a culture of using electronic communication, in lines with best international practices early on, is the best way to enable rapid uptake when the legislative environment is accommodating. The benefits are lower costs, more efficient communication and more informed investment.

Shall I still rely on the newspapers to read corporate actions?

The requirements for listed companies to publish their earnings announcements in two prominent newspapers is unchanged, however publication in traditional hardcopy media must not precede online publication through the ZSE Data Portal so as an investor your access to information is now significantly improved.

What is a “special bargain” and how can I get information on special bargains?

A “special bargain” is a trade in shares that is outside the capacity of the market. These transactions are now recorded on the charts of each company in each company data section of our website.

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Feb 05, 2019 | Statement by the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

05 February 2019

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Limited (“ZSE”) hereby notifies the investing public of the voluntary suspension...

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